Akashic Records Healing

The Akasha & the journey of the Soul
As a soul, a continuous consciousness coming to experience life on Earth, we are given free will to create what we choose in each moment. The Akasha of the Earth is where the records of all consciousness we have created during our numerous lives on Earth are held.

Sometimes through the experiences and stories we live on Earth, we choose to create wisdom, gifts of light and love that accompany us on our journeys and support us to open and welcome more of who we are. When we connect to this wisdom and choose to honour it, we experience harmony and grace in our life and we embrace our higher potential for us in the present.

Other times we choose to create consciousness in form of beliefs and programs that holds distortions and limits us on our path, blocking our capacity to evolve and guiding us to repeat patterns in life that do not serve us. This consciousness might be lying in our subconscious or unconscious, so we may not be aware of it in our everyday life. Nonetheless it still affects us, as it is our creation.

The process of an Akashic Records Healing
During an Akashic Records Healing, we access the Akasha to receive the consciousness that has been created, which the person is asked to look into right now. We bring the creations and stories into the conscious awareness and continue on healing & releasing the distortions and embracing the gifts of this consciousness.

It is a profound healing journey, where you commit to open your heart and mind to receive and accept your own creations, and then choose to liberate them, so you may walk free of attachment and limitation. It is a gift of service to all that you are and to all of humanity. Every time one of us integrates the wisdom and releases distortion, this transformation is recorded again in the Akasha of the Earth as a gift for humanity and all life on Earth.

  • The process of one Akashic Records Healing is completed over 3 sessions, according to each case. Each session lasts ca.1,5 hours.
  • Fee: 75€ for initial session, 55€ for follow-up sessions.
  • To schedule your session, please go to “Book a session