Harmonic Sound Healing

Sound is known to affect the nervous system, the mind, mood & overall energy of a being. Sound carries frequency, vibration & energy. There are various frequencies that have a specific effect when received consciously, even when the human ear cannot fully perceive them. For example, Nature’s frequency is 432 Hz, which is known to bring relaxation & peace.

When we use sound with the conscious intention of balance & harmony, we support the being to heal on multiple levels. The Harmonic Sound works on the system, organ, chakra or energy body of the being that needs support in the present moment. It can deeply relax and align the person back to their centre.

During a Harmonic Sound healing you are invited to open to receive the frequency & vibration where it is needed. You might experience insights, bodily sensations, thought waves and/or emotional release.

  • Each session lasts ca.1 hour.
  • Please allow enough time afterwards to integrate.
  • Fee: 55€
  • To schedule your session, please go to “Book a session

“The Harmonic Sound healing with Nam Joti was a very deep experience for me. During the session I was following the sound & allowed myself to stay open to accept the healing. I had deep sensations in the lower parts of the body, especially in the internal organs that need to be healed. At that moment I realised that some genetic karmic energies were released from those parts.
Then I felt powerful waves moving to the upper parts of the body, through my heart up to the third eye chakra. It was a sensation of deep healing & expansion in my head. I began to feel my higher chakras, above the crown. I became aware of the connection to my higher selves and all the energy was flowing up to my higher chakras. I was completely embraced by these beautiful healing energies. This connection continued even after the end of the healing.
I am very grateful to Nam Joti for this powerful healing and for her gifts, that she shares with love and kindness.”

Elena Mostovaya, Moscow