Healing Support

Healing Support mentoring
Each being is already equipped with everything they need to live & thrive. Each being is already whole. This is the guiding principle of this work. Each one of us holds wisdom, potential & the answers inside.

Sometimes through difficult life experiences we may forget our truth and “lose” our way. We may develop habits & mechanisms, adopt beliefs & behaviours that do not serve us. We might spend years living a paradigm that was given to us by family or society, but which is not true for us in the present.

The willingness to learn & heal is the first step on the journey. To observe and get to know ourselves wholeheartedly, to reflect and to embrace all parts of ourself, both shadow and light. To release the resistance to meeting all that we are.

Ultimately we are asked to acknowledge that we are self-healers. It is a daily practice of commitment to oneself. As you walk your path, you will discover the deep resilience of your nature. The amazing potential you hold for healing & joy.

  • Sessions last 1 hour.
  • In each session you receive support for your life process, as well as tools to practice for yourself.
  • Fee: 55€
  • To schedule your session, please go to “Book a session