In this space of shared joy & healing,
you will find support, tools & codes
for your journey of self-mastery.


Joy is our nature

Each experience offers you a potential to welcome & embrace more of who you are. There is so much to discover and celebrate inside of you.

How can I support you?

Akashic Records Healing

A deep dive into your creation consciousness. This process supports you to release unresolved consciousness and to recognize & embrace the gifts of wisdom that you already hold inside of you.

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Harmonic Sound Healing

Healing through the vibration of sound, which supports you to restore harmony & balance on multiple levels of your being.

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Universal Rays Healing

A beautiful healing process, which supports you to release consciousness that limits you from stepping into a higher potential in your life. Channeled by In’Easa Mabu Ishtar.

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Healing Support Mentoring

Mentoring sessions to support you to connect within with your innate wisdom and resilience. To learn more about yourself & welcome who you are.

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Kundalini Yoga

An intense practice to awaken and connect with yourself. Learn to ground & become still and clear in a group experience.

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Hello. I am Olga Sita Nam Joti.

Psychologist, yoga teacher, healer, world traveller, lover of languages, nature & Mother Earth. I share tools & codes with you so that you can also remember the essence of who you are: Joy embodied.

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