Various healing modalities are available for you, according to your needs and your intention in the present moment.

The foundation of my work comes from a holistic psychological perspective, honouring the axis of interconnectedness between body, mind & spirit.

Understanding that our life is interconnected on all levels. That our bodies speak to us all the time. That our minds hold beliefs & programming that dictate our choices & our perspective of life. That our emotions filter our reality. That Spirit is always guiding & supporting us, even if we do not always listen. And that we have a choice & an opportunity in each moment.

Taking into consideration the unique perspective and commitment to self of each person, I combine different tools with the intention to support you in your life process…to open, to discover, to honour, to celebrate all parts of you.

Akashic Records Healing

A deep dive into your creation consciousness. This healing process supports you to release unresolved consciousness and to recognize & embrace the gifts of wisdom that you already hold inside of you.

Harmonic Sound healing

Sound therapy that supports you to restore harmony & balance on all levels of your being.

Universal Rays Healing

A potent healing process that supports you to release what limits you from stepping into a higher potential in your life. Channeled by In’Easa Mabu Ishtar.

Healing support mentoring

Mentoring sessions to support you to connect within with your innate wisdom and resilience. To learn more about yourself & welcome who you are.

Kundalini Yoga

An intense practice to awaken and connect with yourself. Learn to ground & become still and clear in a group experience.

“During the past year I have had the luck to receive a couple of Akashic readings from Nam Joti. The readings were held in three sessions, with intervals of about two weeks to a month. I came to Nam Joti with a specific issue, a question, a blockage or resistance which I was facing in my life. She was able to retrieve a record from the Akasha and deliver the message to me with such clarity.

Through Nam Joti I was able to recognise which programs I was running that inhibited me from allowing certain things in my life to happen. Together we worked on my unresolved karma and  brought shadow aspects back to light. Nam Joti also helped me reconnect to forgotten parts of myself. I would describe her readings and karmic release work as powerful, precise and highly effective. In the realms of my life, which we focused to work on, things suddenly shifted and started to flow.

I was deeply touched and surprised by her way of working and have never experiences anything alike. Nam Joti is highly sensitive to the amount of energy in movement during the work. She knows how many steps to do in one session before taking a break and letting the energy settle and integration happen. To anyone who is wishing for more harmony, flow and positive manifestation in their lives I would wholeheartedly recommend to book a session with Nam Joti.  Her work is magical.”

Emily Wabitsch, Hamburg

I am honoured to work with you