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*All sessions are offered in greek, english, spanish, french, german*

Akashic Records Healing 1st session

90′. Akashic Records Reading & Healing first session on Zoom


Akashic Records Healing follow-up session

60′-90′. Akashic Records Reading & Healing follow-up session on Zoom


Harmonic Sound

60′. Harmonic Sound Healing session on Zoom


Universal Rays 1st session

90′-120′. Universal Rays Healing 1st session on Zoom


Universal Rays 2nd/3rd session

90′. Universal Rays Healing 2nd/3rd session on Zoom


Healing Support

60′. Healing Support mentoring session on Zoom


Love is our nature. Love is our source & destination,
where we come from and where we return to.
May our Life be a constant remembrance of this Truth.